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Floor Water Damage Restoration in Tyler & Longview, TX

Water damage is now a common occurrence. Especially after a storm or flood. Hardwood flooring is particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of water damage. Wooden floor absorbs moisture and moves it to the surface's deeper layers if the standing water remains on the floor for a long. That is why you should take the necessary steps to minimize further damage.

Don't be worried. Dalworth Restoration Tyler has been proving the most effective floor water damage restoration services since 1976. Our highly skilled technicians will reach you within the shortest time to restore your damaged floor.

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Water damaged floor

Common Signs of Floor Water Damage

You will notice below things if you have water damaged floor at your home or office-

  • Cracks in the floor: Dampness causes cracks in hardwood. Whenever they get wet, they start cracking.
  • Warping of the floor: Warping is primarily caused by humidity. As humidity changes, flooring frequently stretches, compresses, and separates.
  • Fade or discoloration: Due to excess moisture, hardwood becomes faded. If you find any slightest color change, you can consider it as a warning of floor water damage.
  • Presence of mold: Mold causes huge problems for wooden floors. The presence of mold on the floor is also a sign of floor water damage.
  • Odor: Dampness and mold create a musty atmosphere at your place. You will find unusual odor at your place.

Let Dalworth Restoration Tyler Restore Your Water Damaged Floor

Dalworth Restoration Tyler is the most trusted company for water-damaged floor restoration services. If you live in Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Whitehouse, Kilgore, or any other cities within our service area, then contact us now to get professional restoration services for any water-related damage.

Our water damage restoration service includes water extraction, appliance leak cleanup, structural damage restoration, and many more. Call 903-320-4262 anytime to get any of our services or click here to fix an appointment with us.